Venture Capital

We are a team of highly specialized and experienced venture capital lawyers with a deep economic understanding of the VC market. We are well connected within the startup ecosystem and know the market standards and their development like the back of our hand.

From the first funding round to pre-IPO financing — we bring years of expertise in managing VC transactions to the process. This way, we lead our clients securely and successfully through their various fundings.

VC Funding

  • Equity financing (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A etc., Pre-IPO)
  • Convertible loans
  • SAFE notes
  • Venture debt financing
  • Structured finance (e.g., ABS—asset backed funding facilities)

Equity Incentive Schemes

  • ESOP and stock option plans
  • Virtual share programs
  • RSU and SAR programs
  • Growth shares, Performance ESOPs and ESOP top-ups in connection with growth financings
  • Long-term incentive schemes (LTIP)