Mergers & Acquisitions

With years of M&A experience in the technology sector, we offer in-depth legal and tax support for M&A transactions on both sell-side and buy-side. We understand the specific requirements for successfully navigating M&A transaction processes with multiple stakeholders.

Our specialty are multi-seller M&A transactions in which we manage and align various groups of sellers (founders, angel investors, VC investors, later stage growth investors, strategic shareholders) in exit transactions to corporate buyers, strategic acquirers or financial investors. Our combination of legal and tax expertise allows us to navigate complex transaction structures and focus on what we do best: negotiating.

From letter of intent and waterfall calculation, through drafting and negotiating complex share purchase agreements to transaction completion and closing—we guide our clients throughout the entire M&A process.

  • Letter of intent and detailed M&A term sheet
  • Legal and tax due diligence
  • Share purchase agreement (SPA) or asset purchase agreement (APA)
  • Waterfall calculations
  • Multi-seller agreements
  • W&I processes and documentation
  • Closing support