Venture Capital and Growth Equity Investors

Tech is all about risk and reward. We’re here to offer security, even in the boldest investments.

Our clients’ time is – quite literally – money. We’re there to assist in making the most of it. When we work with a client, we engage our robust expertise in German venture capital and growth equity to guide their team through the intricacies of the tech market. Our goal: To streamline the legal and tax processes on all finances, transactions and investments so that our clients can sidestep risk and proceed with confidence.

Bespoke advice to clear the path forward

When exploring new markets, it’s easy to let research into different jurisdictions and industries gobble up valuable resources. What we offer is the type of niche advice that comes with our unique insight into Germany’s startup scene. Whether our clients are looking for input on an M&A transaction, or support with complex contract negotiations, we think of our role as that of a project manager. We help teams maintain momentum on each of their many goals, so that they can focus on what they do best.

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