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05.06.2023 Corporate

Impact of the current market environment on employee stock ownership schemes

by Katharina Erbe, LL.M.

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20.04.2023 Corporate

The multiple voting share - a new edition of an old acquaintance

by Katharina Erbe, LL.M.

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19.04.2023 Corporate

Pending landmark reform of the German ESOP taxation

by Dr. Peter Möllmann

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11.04.2023 Corporate

Why ESOP is better than VSOP

by Daniel Grisar

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03.04.2023 Corporate

The advisory board in the GmbH - everything you need to know about it

by Isabella Schuh

28.03.2023 Data protection

What you need to know about the proper use of personalized advertising

by Nikolai Schmidt

24.03.2023 Corporate

Setting up a German company with limited liability (GmbH or UG) online from home? That's possible!

by Katharina Erbe, LL.M.

22.03.2023 Tax

Avoid double taxation for secondary residence abroad

by Irina Passade, LL.M.

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17.03.2023 Inside PXR

Why we implemented Objectives & Key-Results (OKRs) at PXR

by Dr. Peter Möllmann

16.03.2023 BFH News

Who is a "unrelated third party" - and does a sale beat the net asset value (Substanzwert) or not?

by Mirco Zantopp

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10.03.2023 Tax

Taxation of partnerships and their partners

by Irina Passade, LL.M.

09.03.2023 BFH News

Structual abuse through share rotation

by Mirco Zantopp

25.02.2023 In the media

Startup financing with venture debt - what is the trend all about?

by Daniel Grisar

Praktikum PXR Bericht
10.11.2022 Inside PXR

"A young, cool and innovative law firm where you can learn a lot."

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08.11.2022 In the media

4 serious mistakes in ESOP contracts - and how founders can avoid them

by Mirco Zantopp