Entrepreneurs and Emerging Technology Companies

Our clients build visionary businesses. We take care of the fine print.

We believe in a comprehensive approach. Or as we like to say: “Everything from a single source.” As a full-service firm, we advise our clients in all relevant legal and tax matters, including equity and debt financing, equity incentive schemes and executive compensation, litigation and tax matters, M&A transactions as well as IP/IT cases and data protection compliance. Leveraging our rich store of experience in the tech and startup ecosystem, we also provide keen market insight and strategic guidance, alongside a raft of useful connections within the industry.

Tailoring legal solutions to individual needs

Whether our clients are seeking help on a single tax structuring issue or are looking for something like an external legal department, we cover the whole spectrum with our full-service approach. While we take care of legal concerns, our clients can focus on building and scaling their businesses. With our network of foreign law firms we can also provide legal support in all cross-border issues.

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