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You are a pioneer in your field.
We have your legal back.

As an entrepreneur, you have a million things to worry about. Legal matters shouldn’t be one of them. We’re here to help you make the difference.

We are a corporate, tax and litigation law firm tailored to the legal needs of technology companies and entrepreneurs. Our unique blend of corporate and tax expertise, in-depth market knowledge and extensive network enables us to provide you with more than just legal solutions.

Our mission is to ensure that you can bring your visionary idea to life.

Our Services

We are a team of hands-on corporate, tax and litigation lawyers, highly specialised and experienced in venture capital, M&A, corporate taxation and dispute resolution.

Like you, we focus on efficiency and manage your legal projects from start to finish. We think commercially, see ourselves as strong negotiators and communicate clearly and directly, giving you more than just value for money.

What Our Clients Say


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Selected References

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  • Amboss
    Webseite Referenzen Profilbild 2

    Amboss combines learning software and reference work into an adaptive platform for physicians.

  • Creandum
    Webseite Referenzen Profilbild 4

    Creandum is a leading European venture capital firm supporting the most successful and ambitious tech companies in the EU.

  • Dance
    Linkedin Artikel 4

    Dance is an electromobility provider dedicated to creating more liveable cities.

  • HeyJobs
    Linkedin Artikel 6

    HeyJobs is a modern HR tech company specialising in the use of the latest marketing and optimisation technologies for recruiting.

  • Hive
    Webseite Referenzen Profilbild 7

    Hive digitises warehouse and shipping logistics for small and medium-sized online retailers.

  • McMakler
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    McMakler offers innovative solutions for the real estate industry with its technology-based platform for real estate transactions.

  • PaulCamper
    Webseite Referenzen Profilbild 3

    PaulCamper is not only Europe's first, but also the most authentic and successful community for motorhomes and caravans.

  • Raisin
    Linkedin Artikel 5

    As a fintech pioneer, Raisin provides the infrastructure to democratise the global deposit, investment and retirement markets.

  • Sanity Group
    Webseite Referenzen Profilbild 6

    The Sanity Group is dedicated to the medical and health uses of cannabinoids.

  • Tourlane
    Linkedin Artikel 3

    As a personal travel expert, Tourlane helps its clients plan a tailor-made trip to remember for a lifetime.

  • Vay
    Webseite Referenzen Profilbild 8

    Vay aims to introduce the first vehicle without safety driver on public roads in Europe.

  • Yttrium
    Webseite Referenzen Profilbild 9

    Yttrium is an investment company specialising in B2B technology companies.