Dr. Peter Möllmann

Managing Director, Corporate/M&A Lawyer and Tax Consultant

Peter Möllmann is the founder and managing director of PXR and Co-Founder of GAIA Technologies.

A prominent figure in Germany’s startup scene, Peter is an expert in the software, internet, financial technology, e-commerce and digital media industries. At PXR he specialises in advising public and private technology companies and their supervisory boards, as well as private equity and venture capital funds, in corporate law and tax matters — in particular financing and M&A transactions.

Peter started his career at McKinsey & Company, where he worked primarily in the private equity and banking sectors. Later, he was an associate at Gleiss Lutz, then a partner at Flick Gocke Schaumburg and SMP (which he co-founded in 2017).

Peter is a co-editor of Venture Capital Agreements in Germany and contributor to a commentary on the German Trade Tax Act. He frequently speaks at conferences on corporate and tax law. Peter is one of Germany’s most respected venture capital lawyers, and has been recognized by JUVE, Legal 500, Chambers Global and Best Lawyers®.

Born and raised in Cologne, Peter studied law in Freiburg, Würzburg and at The London School of Economics (LSE).

Focus Areas
Venture Capital Taxes & Taxation Litigation Corporate/M&A
Certified tax consultant
Tax lawyer
Spoken Languages

Selected Clients

  • McMakler in ihrer Serie-C2-Finanzierung durch Warburg Pincus und IGP
  • Dance in ihrer Seed- und Serie-A-Finanzierungsrunde
  • Anteilseigner der Like Meat-Gruppe beim Verkauf an die Livekindly-Gruppe
  • Anteilseigner von Flightright beim Verkauf von Anteilen
  • Tourlane bei der Series B und der Series C Finanzierungsrunde, u. a. mit Sequoia, Holtzbrinck Ventures und DN Capital
  • Battery Ventures in der Serie-D-Finanzierungsrunde von GetYourGuide
  • Anteilseigner von Contorion beim Verkauf an die Hoffmann Group
  • Anteilseigner von Tennis-Point beim Verkauf an Signa Retail
  • Ströer Group zur Akquisition von verschiedenen Unternehmen, unter anderem Statista und Foodist
  • Project A Ventures, Lakestar und Digital+ bei zahlreichen Akquisitionen von und Investitionen in private(n) Portfoliounternehmen
  • Creandum, Union Square Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Mosaic Ventures und verschiedene andere internationale Venture-Capital-Investoren bei ihrer Akquisition von und Investitionen in private(n) Portfoliounternehmen in Deutschland
  • Raisin, Zeitgold, Clue und viele andere Technologieunternehmen zu ihren Finanzierungsrunden (einschließlich Venture Debt)


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